Сlimatic conditions allow  to grow grain, technical, melons, fodder crops, vegetables and fruits.

The existence of wide area natural pastures encourages development of cattle breeding, sheep breeding and herd horse breeding.

The area of agricultural land: 4 304,6 thousand hectares, more exactly:

–           croplands: 761 thousand hectares;

–           perennial plantations: 3,1 thousand hectares;

–           hayfields: 82,2 thousand hectares;

–           pastures: 3458,3 thousand hectares.

Crop and livestock production occupy approximately equal shares in the structure of regional agricultural products: 47% and 53% respectively.

The gross output of agricultural products (services) amounted to KZT 226,679.0 million (the volume index with the previous year amounted to 108.1%), such as:

–           gross output of crop production: KZT122,524.7 million (physical volume index with the previous year – 112.1%);

–           livestock: KZT 105 411.9 million (physical volume index with the previous year – 103.6%).

Agro-food sector includes the following segments: production of flour, meat, dairy, fruit and vegetable products, sugar, etc.

Livestock sector characterized by a large and growing population of cattle, sheep, goats, horses, developed poultry.


– cattle: 320,6 thousand heads;
– sheep and goats: 2,47 million heads;
– pigs: more than 31,5 thousand heads;

– horses: up to 105 thousand heads;
– poultry: up to 1 million heads;
– camels: up to 6 thousand heads.