Agrocredit Corporation


JSC “Agrarian Credit Corporation” is company that implements state policy onaffordable credit system formation that stimulates competitive entrepreneurship development in countryside.

Corporation is a part of the National Holding Company “KazAgro” and, with its direct management, conducts a large-scale work to realize its activities in 13 branches and representative offices in all regions of Kazakhstan.

On 01.12.2016 Corporation assets amounted to 263 070 millionKZT, loan portfolio amounted to 186 606 million KZT.


Industrialization promotion and diversification of agrarian sector through system development of lending for agro-industrial complex of Republic of Kazakhstan.

By 2020, Corporation will become a key financial institution in agrarian lending market sector within the framework of state support to domestic agricultural producers, providing funding for second-level banks and other financial institutions, credit institutions for agro-industrial complex, development of network credit partnerships, financing projects in priority areas, and development of agricultural infrastructure.

Corporation makesbig contribution to  industrialization and diversification of agricultural production, improving the productivity of agricultural sector by providing financial resources to subjects of agro-industrial complex.

Corporation activity in 2020 meets high standards of management and corporate governance.


Strategic direction 1.

Growth stimulating of labor productivity in agro-industrial complex through industrialization and diversification.

Goal 1. Labor productivity growththrough financing of high-tech (innovative) projects using modern agro-technologies.


1) Corporation’s investment policy formation in accordance with sectorial priorities in agro-industrial complex;

2) attraction of funds for agro-industrial complex financing, investment, incl. innovative projects;

3) promotion of agro-industrial complex cluster development;

4) promotion of “green technologies” including.


2. Participation in ensuring the country’s food security.


Goal 1. To stimulate the formation of the food belt around the cities of Astana and Almaty.                                                     1) Financing of agro-industrial complex subjects within the food belts around the cities of Astana and Almaty;

Goal 2: Provision of financial resources of agro-industrial enterprises for basic and replenishment assets purchasing and processing of agricultural raw materials.


Financing of agro-industrial complex subjects for carrying out spring-field and harvesting works, purchase and sale of agricultural products.


Branch on Zhambyl region:
Taraz, Tole bi str. 93A
Tel.: 8 (7262) 999-000, 999-001, 999-002, 999-898, 999-873
Director – Seitbekov Nurgali Ensebekovich

Credit Partnerships:
LLP CP “Bayzak”

Bayzakskiy distr., Sarykemer vil., Bayzak Batyr str. 115
Moldabekov Saken Kelessovich 8 (726-37) 2-27-21 tel/fax

LLP CP “Dikhan”
Zhambylskiy distr., Asa vil., Abay str. 125.
Utkelbayev Talgat Seitovich 8 (726-33) 2-17-89 tel/fax