Much attention is paid to implementation forrenewable energy sources (RES) projects, the region is one of the leaders in the development of alternative energy in Kazakhstan.

For today 9 renewable energy projects have been implemented in the region, with a total capacity of 118.7 MWt, including:

4 hydroelectric power stations with a total capacity of 15.1 MW;

3 wind power stations with a total capacity of 53.1 MW;

2 solar power stations with a total capacity of 50.5 MW.

As a result, the share of alternative energy in the region’s energy balance is growing, which in turn contributes to development of “green technologies” as a separate industry.



Along with this, in the Zhambyl region is being implemented and planned for implementation

18 investment projects of RES, which include construction and operation


24,5 MW


831,75 MW

hydroelectric power plants
wind power plants


330,5 MW


5 MW

solar power plants
biogas plant varying power

from 2 to 250 MW

total capacity of projects – up to 1200 MW


Construction of RES facilities is carried out with the participation of domestic and foreign investors, there are investors from such countries as Great Britain, Netherlands, China, India, etc.