Growing, storage and processing of vegetables in industrial volumes

Initiator of the project::

“Maldybai – Agro” LLP

The purpose of the project:

the project is expected to create a modern production of growing, storing and processing vegetables, such as: onions, carrots and sugar beets in industrial quantities


3 000 – 5 000 тонн продукции в первый год

Project location:

Zhambyl region, T. Ryskulov district, Maldybai village

Time frame for implementation:

2017 – 2018 гг.

Total cost of the project:

5,3 млн. долл. США

Required investments:

5,3 млн. долл. США

Participation of the initiator:

– 60 wells of fresh water;

– arable land (850 hectares);

– land plot (10 ha) for the construction of a plant-complex.

Current status:

there are all the title documents and  project is at the stage of development/

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