Service industrial zone “Shu”

Specialization IZ: Production of chemical products and service maintenance of SEZ “Chemical Park” Taraz “.

Territory: 50 ha

Location: Zhambyl region, Shu district, distance from Shu is 8 km and 268 km from the city of Taraz,  along the international automobile road corridor “Western Europe-Western China”.

Justification for choosing a land:

  • extensive territory of the land plot;
  • the proximity of the SEZ “Chemical Park” Taraz “;
  • the proximity of the international automobile road corridor “Western Europe-Western China” (distance 2 km);
  • immediate proximity of the railway;
  • the possibility of connecting the infrastructure from SEZ “Chemical Park” Taraz ” ( power line 3 km, gas 3 km, sewage 1 km and water supply 2km).

Current situation: it is planned to place several related industries oriented to servicing production needs directly and staff needs of SEZ “Khimpark “Taraz” in the number of 2400 people, which is allocated nearby SEZ” Khimpark “Taraz” from “Shu”.

Alternative option:

The proposed land is located in Shu (Sakhzavod microdistrict) with an area of 25 hectares, the distance from the regional center is 12 km and distance from Taraz is 260 km.

The choice of land is due to the fact that all the necessary infrastructure is located near this site (power line 30 m, gas 60 m, heating 1,5 km and water supply 1,5 km).