JSC “Kazyna Capital Management”

The updated Development Strategy of Kazyna Capital Management JSC for 2014-2023 was approved in 2014 based on the updated Development Strategy of Baiterek NMH JSC for 2014-2023 in view of macroeconomic changes in the region and new trends in private equity as well as based on the analysis of KCM’s activities for the past 10 years.

New strategic directions were determined due to the need to attract additional investment to support the economic growth, inaccessibility of traditional sources of financing and benefits of private equity as a sustainable long-term source of economic growth.

Strategy of Kazyna Capital Management JSC determine the following strategic directions:

  1. Entrepreneurship support, promoting the export potential in large and medium-sized enterprises segment through introduction of private equity instruments.
  2. Development of private equity infrastructure in Kazakhstan.
  3. Improving the KCM’s efficiency.

Key targets:

  • Support and creation of competitive and export-oriented companies through participation in their equity capital through private equity funds;
  • Attracting international institutional investors to Kazakhstan as well as fostering domestic investors to co-invest in priority non-resource sectors of the economy through private equity funds;
  • Attracting the leading international companies and fund managers with long-term operational experience and good track record as strategic partners to implement the best international practices in Kazakhstan;
  • Creating private equity infrastructure in Kazakhstan through development of necessary financial instruments;
  • Generating the independent cluster of funds and fund management companies for efficient development of private equity in Kazakhstan.