Modernization and expansion of the poultry farm

Initiator of the project:

“Zhambyl kus” LLP

The purpose of the project:

reconstruction, modernization and expansion of the existing poultry farm; deep processing of eggs in aseptic packages, enriched with selenium and iodine; poultry; manure processing for generating additional energy


– boilers incubation: 800 thousand;

– chicken egg – 100 million pieces;

– poultry 9,2 thousand tons.


товарное яйцо и мясо птиц

Project location:

Zhambyl region, Baizak district, Koktal village

Time frame for implementation:

2017-2018 гг.

Sales market:

Regions of Kazakhstan and export

Total cost of project:

$ 9.58 million

Required investments:

$ 9.58 million

Participation of the initiator:

operating assets of the enterprise, production base with a land plot (69.3 ha), infrastructure , co-financing.

Current status:

functioning poultry farm, 69,3 hectares of land plot, finished industrial infrastructure,

established sales channels, producing  up to 20 million eggs per year.

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