Production of high-quality gasoline in accordance with the EURO-4 standard

Initiator of the project:

“Saba Ltd” LLP

The purpose of the project:

expansion and modernization of the existing plant for oil refining and production of high-quality gasoline (with octane number 92) according to the standard EURO-4 and 5


up to 100 tons of gasoline per day

Project location:

Zhambyl region, Merke district

Sales market:

Regions of Kazakhstan, near Abroad

Estimated cost of the project:

850 thousand US dollars

Required investments:

680 thousand US dollars

Participation of the initiator:

– assets of the enterprise (operating oil refinery);

– own investments: 170 thousand US dollars.

Current status:

The 1st stage of the oil refining project was implemented with a capacity of up to 40,000 tons of raw material / year for the production of straight-run gasoline of light and medium, diesel fuel (summer and winter),  M-100 fuel oil, there are sales channels for products

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