Attractive climate, picturesque nature with unique natural and landscape complexes, a variety of flora and fauna, ancient history, rich cultural heritage and vast territories allow to develop successfully historical, cultural, ecological tourism, hunting, fishing and other active types of tourism.

There are 44 tourist companies, 149 hotel complexes and 17 health resorts and physiotherapeutic resorts in the region, which represent a wide range of services for recreation and treatment, both for local and foreign tourists.


Through the region there was a section of the Great Silk Road, the most interesting monuments of history and culture are located along the way. In Zhambyl region, there are 2060 historical and cultural monuments, of archeology, history, architecture and monumental art.

                                       ECOLOGICAL TOURISM

The region is characterized by a variety of natural areas, picturesque mountain terrain, a variety of flora and fauna and 3 unique nature reserves.


It is possible to develop water sports, fishing, hunting, motor rally, motocross and other active and extreme species.


The most part of the international transit corridor “Western Europe – Western China” (495 km) is suitable for the territory of the region, along which planned to be built 8 road service facilities.

The region is distinguished by a variety of flora and fauna. The plant world includes more than 3 thousand species, 50 of them are especially valuable species, they are listed in Red Book. There are more than 158 species of wild animals, more than 260 species of birds in the region. There are gophers-sandstones, jerboas, hares, gazelle, roe deer, saigas, in the mountains there are mountain goats, argali, bears, snow leopards, wolves, foxes, corsacs, badgers, caresses, etc. Total area of hunting grounds is 13.9 thousand hectares, in which more than 40 species of animals. The fishery fund, covering an area of 28 thousand hectares, includes 59 reservoirs suitable for fishing.